A collaborative approach to
Scaling For Industry-Shaping Startups

Let's partner up and remove the need for experimentation as you create a stable growth pattern for your business.
How we work

Aligning Your Vision with Systemic Execution

Our approach is rooted in developing a strong brand strategy that aligns with your company's vision. This process involves intensive stakeholder workshops, interviews, and thorough research to ensure the strategy resonates deeply with your core objectives. We prioritize understanding your current market position and future goals to tailor a solution that not only resonates with your ideal customer profile (ICP) but also leads to increased market share and sales.
Innovation is the cornerstone of our approach. We employ creative and forward-thinking solutions to build a solid foundation for your growth strategies. This not only helps in strengthening internal and external loyalty but also ensures that your startup is well-positioned to lead and influence in your industry.

Our comprehensive alignment approach is designed to foster recognition and build a robust brand that commands respect and loyalty from both customers and team members.


Is this you?

Ideal for Series A startups who are...

Visionary and Growth-Oriented: You are poised for rapid growth and looking to establish a strong market presence but need strategic guidance to scale effectively.
Seeking to Build Strong Teams: You are looking to attract, develop, and retain top talent, and need to foster a workplace culture that supports these goals.
Desiring an Efficient Exit Strategy: You want to ensure that your startup can perform as an individual entity and still lead with growth.
Aiming to Lead the Industry: You’re not just participating in the market; you aim to transform it by setting trends and influencing industry standards.
In Need of Tailored Solutions: You seek customized strategies that are not just out-of-the-box solutions but are specifically designed to meet your unique challenges and aspirations.
What we do

The BRNDAllyn Program

BRNDAllyn is a comprehensive six-month program tailored specifically for Series A tech startups looking to achieve sustainable growth and market leadership. During this period, I work directly with key stakeholders—including founders and founding members to ensure that every aspect of your startup’s systems are strategically aligned with your overarching business goals.
Program highlights
Direct Collaboration: I engage closely with your team, becoming an integral part of your strategic planning process. This hands-on approach ensures that the solutions we implement are deeply integrated into your startup’s DNA.
Brand Strategy Development: We focus on building a cohesive brand strategy that resonates across all facets of your company, from internal operations to customer interactions. This ensures a unified message and experience that enhances customer loyalty and employee engagement.
Systematic Implementation: Over the course of six months, we methodically apply our strategies to your processes, talent management, and customer excellence. This phased approach allows for careful measurement and adjustment, ensuring optimal impact.
Sustainable Scaling: BRNDAllyn is designed not just for immediate results but for long-term success. We set up scalable processes that create an environment for future growth toward a movement.



Step 1


We define a compelling brand strategy that aligns with your business goals and market demands.
Establish a strong brand strategy
Assess current systems
Step 2


We design foundational systems to integrate the brand strategy seamlessly across your business, customer engagement and team.
Process mapping
Alignment to brand
Step 3


We work together to observe and collect data on the integration’s effectiveness and gather insights for potential adjustments to create efficient processes.
Stakeholder Feedback
Initial Adjustments
Establish Performance Metrics
Step 4

Continuous Improvement

We optimize brand alignment and create performance metrics to ensure future sustainability.
Make Strategy adjustments
Address key Performance Indicators
Establish Process Documents
The transformation

The Benefits of Aligned Decision-Making

At Miriphic, we emphasize the transformative power of alignment across your startup’s teams, and customers. Here’s how alignment enhances decision-making:
Cohesion and Clarity: Unified strategies lead to clearer, more effective decision-making. Everyone knows the goal, reducing confusion and enhancing focus.
Aligned Consistency: Every decision supports your long-term goals, driving coherent progress across all business areas.
Fostering Predictability: Predict and manage potential challenges more effectively. Proactive solutions keep you ahead of problems.
Empowered Teams & Customers: Clear guidelines boost team confidence and autonomy, enhancing morale and productivity. In turn, creating experiences for customers that excel.
Increased ARR: As a byproduct of the alignment comes an increase in sales leading to an effective increase in ARR. This is usually the end goal for most startup companies in our case, this is just the beginning.


For Integrative Founders

Your Next Step: Create A Movement That Fosters Impact Alongside Profit

Bring your vision for your company into a reality systemically through a collaborative process. Reach out to create a foundation that starts a movement.